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The easiest way to get started is by filling out an Appointment Request Form, this gives us all the information we need to pair you with an artist & check availability!

  • The shop minimum is $100, no tattoo is less than this.
  • Artists hourly rate ranges from $180-200 /hr.
    • For smaller tattoos, an estimate per the piece is possible.
    • For larger /more detailed tattoos, it’s best to schedule a consultation to discuss pricing.
  • We are always happy to chat about your budget & do our best to remain fair and transparent on the cost of your tattoo!

All deposits are non-refundable.

A minimum 72-hour notice is required if an appointment needs to be rescheduled.

If less than a 72-hour notice is given to change the appointment, a new deposit will be required to remain on the books.

A deposit is required in order to book an appointment.

If you did not put down a deposit, your appointment is NOT finalized.

All deposits are taken off the final cost of your tattoo!

Whether you’re celebrating or remembering, we gladly book groups, they do take some extra footwork to organize though! We have put this together so your group can be booked as seamlessly as possible.


Please keep in mind we are a high volume shop! You can always call us with any additional questions at 912-349-7393


The Basics

  • The shop minimum for groups of 3 or more is $125 per person.
  • Each group member will be required to leave a $50 non-refundable deposit to book their appointment, which does come off the cost of the tattoo!
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • If your group needs to reschedule, a 1 week notice is required.
  • We may need to split up appointments between artists and/or shops (our sister shop, Nomad Society is right across the street!) to best accommodate you and be sure you’re working with the best fitting artist!
  • We will not book your appointment more than 3 months in advance. We recommend reaching out 1-2 months in advance.
  • We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate all groups.
  • Time is of the essence. Our books can move fast! Especially weekends.
  • We can not hold spots without a deposit, or promise any specific availability.
  • Once we have your entire group’s appointment requests approved & paired with artists, deposits must be paid within 72 hours to ensure your entire group can be booked. Deposits can be paid via cc on the phone.
  • It is up to the artist’s discretion on how many members of a group they are willing to book at once.
  • If your group is booked with ONE artist for matching tattoos, we may just ask for one larger deposit, since it’s for ONE appointment for multiple people.
  • How to book a group tattoo appointment
  • Fill out the Group Appointment Request. Be sure to include your Group Name as this is how we will be able to link any requests! It’s fun, kind of like a team name.
  • Be as specific as possible for your dates and time available. Do not include days where you may have reservations/plans. If you are going to the beach, pool, etc. please keep in mind you should not go swimming or be in sunlight for a couple weeks after your tattoo. We also cannot tattoo you if you are sunburned. Ouchie.


  • For 100% matching tattoos:
    • This is 100% matching. Everyone’s getting the exact same thing. Some slight variations may be allowed the day of the appointment, within reason (I don’t want shading, just an outline, can you add a sparkle or two, etc.)
    • We just need ONE Group Form for 100% matching tattoos
    • We may only need to take one larger deposit if your group is booked with one artist.
    • Minor changes to the design may be possible, but are not a guarantee during the appointment. Adjustments should be communicated in advance.
    • Please keep in mind, tattoos take time! Each person should plan on needing at minimum an hour for their appointment. We never want you or your artist to feel rushed.

.• If you are each looking for a DIFFERENT tattoo:

  • Please have each person fill out their own form and reference your GROUP NAME  so we know you’re together!
  • We will reach out to you individually to get you paired with the best fitting artists. Phone consultations may be needed prior to booking!
  • Please keep in mind, tattoos take time! Each person should plan on needing at minimum an hour for their appointment. We never want you or your artist to feel rushed.

The Day of Appointments

  • Please be on time, we will call you earlier if your artist(s) are ready!
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you may need to reschedule. Your deposit is forfeit if rescheduling is less than 72 hours in advance.
  • Wear comfortable clothes! Be sure to eat something before coming in and hydration is always important!
  • Have your IDs ready to do your paperwork.
  • Once in the shop please be mindful of other clients and artists. We want the vibes to be fun, but keep distractions down for artists and clients! <3

*Bonus Content that is Equally Important*

  • Have the total number in your group when you begin to reach out. Adding additional members is not a guarantee once y’all are booked. Choosing a ‘ring leader’ is not a bad idea, so they can help relay information and keep everyone on the same page!
  • Be mindful of other clients and artists by keeping noise level and foot traffic down through the artist areas.
  • We cannot allow extra people in the artists stations. We totally get you want to be with your buds but this can be really distracting, unsafe and unsanitary. No more than 1 bonus person in artists stations.
  • NO alcohol is allowed in the shop. If you’re boozy we will not tattoo you.
  • Our neighborhood is super cute! We recommend taking a stroll to the local shops (link here) while others are in the chair. This is also lovely to help the shop environment remain as relaxing as possible for everyone!


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any specific questions! Phone calls are the fastest! We don’t always catch DMs online in time, and our email volume can be quite high.



  • To avoid complications and frustrations, please read. =]

Depending on our request volume, we usually respond to requests within 2 days! From there an artist reviews the request, and we reach out to get you booked. Sometimes this is about a week, but often times much quicker! Artists usually review their requests on their days ‘off’ since they are tattooing during shop hours.

We review each and every appointment request by hand with care to be sure you are paired with the best fit artist for your vision.

No appointment is booked without an artist reviewing the request–this is to be sure your appointment doesn’t need a consultation and is booked for the appropriate amount of time.

Our counter staff works hard to book folks as quickly as possible. Please give the shop a call if you are wondering if we received your request, or want to check in on the status!

We always do our best to make your tattoo vision come to life!

Sometimes, going too small can lead to your tattoo not holding up well over time.

The artists will always advise on how small they are comfortable going; sometimes simplifying the design is necessary to achieve the size you may desire.

It just depends! The artist, placement, size and content are all factors in how long your tattoo may take.

We always try to include extra time in your appointment slot for any minor adjustments and sizing/placement.

You are only charged for your active tattoo time, not the drawing, prep, stencil and other work your artist does before your tattoo!

Wear something comfy, be sure to hydrate and eat something nourishing before your appointment!

Excess of caffeine, lack of sleep, being hungover etc. can all make your tattoo experience less than desirable.

You’re welcome to bring a drink and snacks, we always have water and some snacks on hand just in case!

Please refrain from eating/drinking while being tattooed, we are happy to take breaks when you need one.

Tattooing is a part of the service industry, and many of the artists work hours happen way before your scheduled appointment.

Just as you would at a restaurant, barbershop, salon etc. tipping a tattoo artists is showing them you appreciate their expertise and service!

Tips range anywhere from 20-30%, or what you feel comfortable with!

  • For larger appointments, some artists will schedule an Art Check and/or send out your drawing before the appointment so any edits can be made prior to your appointment.
  • Not all artists do art checks or send out drawings before hand.
  • We ask that you respect the time, creativity and work the artists put into your tattoo and do not share designs elsewhere or post online without express permission from the artist.
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