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  • Leave bandage on for 2-3 hours or as instructed by your artist.
  • Wash your hands well with soap before touching your new tattoo.
  • After bandage is removed, wash tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap.
    • Remove all existing ointment, blood, and lymph with your fingertips gently. Excess lymph will cause scabbing, and you want to minimize this as much as possible. Do not use anything abrasive to clean your new tattoo.
    • Soaps we like: Dial, Neutrogena
  • Rinse and pat dry with a disposable paper towel, or allow tattoo to air dry
  • Wash tattoo about twice a day until the tattoo is completely healed.
    • Do not over-wash!
    • Shower as you normally would!
    • Do not submerge the tattoo for an extended amount of time until it has fully healed.
      • This includes baths, swimming pools, the ocean, etc.
  • Over the next few days the tattoo will become flaky, dry and tight — this is normal!
  • About twice a day, use a small amount of fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion.
    • Rub lotion in until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
      • Lotions we like: Coconut Oil, Cetaphil, Lubriderm.
    • Do not over- moisturize! Use just enough to cover the tattoo — it should never look shiny!
    • If a scab forms, it will be the color of the ink used, but this doesn’t mean ink will fall out! Leave any scabs and let them fall out naturally. Do not pick or scratch the area.
  • The tattoo may appear dull until it has completely healed – this is normal and will go away after a few weeks.
  • Wear loose clothing over the area until fully healed.


  • Keep the bandage on for 4 days, if possible.
  • During this time, it is normal to see fluid build up beneath the bandage. The bandage will trap any blood or plasma, allowing the tattooed area to re-absorb these nutrients.
    • If the bandage begins to leak, remove it and follow the standard aftercare instructions.
  • After 4 days, remove the Saniderm bandage gently under warm running water, it’s easiest to do while in the shower!
    • Wash the tattoo with a mild, fragrance-free soap.
    • Use an unscented, non-greasy lotion to keep the tattoo moisturized.


  • Use anything on the tattoo other than what is previously recommended
  • Pick, peel or scratch.
  • Under any circumstance use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or cortisone
    use sponges, washcloths, or anything abrasive while cleaning. They harbor bacteria and may irritate or harm your tattoo!
  • Let anyone touch your tattoo.
  • Go in a lake, tub, pool, etc. These all contain bacteria!
  • Expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight, including tanning beds! A high SPF sunscreen will protect the crispness/longevity of your tattoo in the future.


  • Give us a call at (912) 349-7393 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns!
  • If any signs of infection arise, consult a healthcare provider immediately.
  • The Health Authority is located at 1395 Eisenhower Dr. Savannah, GA 31406 and can be reached at 912-356-2160
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