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  • Mask is required for entry
    • Masks must cover the nose and the mouth and be worn properly at all times in the shop. No exceptions! 
    • We have a limited supply of disposable masks available for purchase in the event a client forgets or misplaces theirs, however each client bringing their own mask is preferred (feel free to call and we will even meet you outside with it!.)
  • If at all possible, PLEASE come to your appointment by yourself
    • If you do bring a second person we expect them to wait in our lobby the entire time. No exceptions! 
    • Other than the person getting tattooed we will not let anyone in or around the artist stations. This is for the safety of our crew as well as our clients.
    • If you bring more than one person with you, we will ask for them to wait elsewhere to keep the number of people in the shop to a minimum. Yes, even it’s raining/cold/hot/etc.
    • In general, please be mindful of social distancing! Yes, our lobby is super comfy, but try and respect others space.
    • If you are part of a group, or if there are already clients waiting, we may ask you to wait outside or take a walk around our cute neighborhood!
    • If you are feeling ill at all you should reschedule! If you have had exposure to someone with COVID-19 you should reschedule! If you have recently had COVID-19 you should follow CDC guidelines as to if you are safe to be around others!



  • Please call to reschedule – at no cost to you – if you are experiencing any flu-like or cold-like symptoms 

For the safety of our clients and artists, Riverside is following and exceeding all CDC requirements and recommendations.  In addition to our already high levels of infection control, we have increased our standards and policies to maintain the safest tattoo environment during this time.

We are operating at limited capacity in order to maximize social distancing as much as possible. We will require all artists and clients to wear masks at all times when inside the studio. We ask that clients bring their own mask, or other appropriate face covering, to their appointment, though we do have a limited supply of disposable masks available for purchase.

We ask that clients do not bring any additional guests to their appointment. While we will do our best to accommodate the wishes of all of our clients, this policy is firm at this time. 

Appointment times between our artists will be intentionally staggered in order to minimize risk, so please arrive to your appointment promptly + on time.

If you are displaying any cold or flu symptoms, please reach out to have your appointment rescheduled and stay home to take care of yourself!

For the safety of everyone in the studio, we will need to turn you away if you are presenting any symptoms, such as coughing, or fail to wear an appropriate face covering to your appointment.

Please feel free to contact us directly here with any questions you may have about safety procedures practiced in the studio!

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